EG 40-80

Recommended for principal and secondary roads, residential and rural zones. Comes with a high performance Led Accessory and an Energy Management System.


Recommended for lighting highways, streets, avenues, parking lots, and perimeters. Superior uniformity and better light performance. Comes with the adaptive illumination system and an Energy Administration System (SAE).


Recommended for lighting streets, highways, roads, parks, parking lots and perimeters. Comes with high performance Led Accessory and an Energy Management System.



Permanent traffic counter and sorter (rack mount). Can be configured to count up to 64 lanes or classify up to 32 lanes of traffic.


Unique traffic counter and sorter in the market. Specifically designed to accurately count and classify vehicles that stopped on the detectors for long periods of time (minutes).


Software for data processing for ADR products. Its main role is to allow a central computer to recover data files from an ADR-1000, Plus ADR-2000, or Plus ADR-3000.

Viper Software

Software to automate the recovery of data, process it automatically to common data formats, it endures modern communication protocols, the storing of data based on the user’s needs, and much more.


Movement Weighing module. Excellent tool to measure commercial vehicle traffic on highways.